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How my love affair with photography began

When it comes to cameras, I get irrationally excited. Ever since my mom and dad put a little blue plastic 35mm camera in my pudgy 5-year-old hands and said, “Go nuts,” I’ve been obsessed with cameras and photography. I really have to thank them for encouraging my passions. I suppose it was easier given my […]

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For the love of conifers

“I love pine trees!” Niecie squeed in excitement on coming upon a dense thicket of evergreens during a hike in the Hickson Forest last Sunday. Niecie hugging the broad trunk of a tree in excitement, a broad smile creeping across her face. The dense line of coniferous trees painted a swath of green across the monochrome […]

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Understanding hiking jackets – What do you really need?

Okay, I’ll admit it, outdoor apparel is confusing, especially when it comes to jackets. I came to this realization after my girlfriend Niecie asked me why I needed a rain jacket. The question struck me as odd, since of any jacket, a raincoat seams pretty self-explanatory, after all, it keeps you dry. But what Niecie […]

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Making 2018 our most adventurous year yet.

2017 certainly was a year punctuated by what seemed like an endless onslaught of challenges and missed opportunities. Yet from every challenge, an opportunity always seemed like it was right around the corner. The year began with uncertainty when my Jeep’s engine was diagnosed with a knock. One of the cylinder walls had been scored […]

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Adventure Bent gets a new look for the new year

The holidays are upon us, the new year is right around the corner and we’re starting the year off right with our biggest update to the Adventure Bent blog yet. Over the last week, you’ve no doubt noticed some big changes around here. Everything is different! Last sunday I flipped the switch bring our redesigned […]

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Duluth Trading Co. Bear Hide Fleece Reviewed

When you think of outdoor gear, companies like Patagonia, Columbia, North Face, Marmot or REI probably come to mind. You probably don’t think of the Duluth Trading Company, but the company is working hard to change that. Unlike companies like Patagonia, Marmot and REI, a lot of the Duluth Trading Co.’s products are marketed as […]

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