A walk in the woods

A walk in the woods
I’ve always found it easier to think walking in the woods.

It’s true, I always have. Much of my childhood was spend along rough cut hiking trails, searching for plants for my mother’s book. I learned to love hiking by my parents side. On these trails, I learned to quiet my mind and open my eyes.

It was always easier to lose myself in the woods. A camera around my neck, I could forget about the weight of the world and enjoy myself for a moment. I was able take in the colors, and aromas of the forest.

Last Sunday, Niecie and I did just that. Early in the evening, we took a short drive up to Great River Bluffs State Park for a short stroll. Located about half an hour north of La Crosse, Wisc., this small bluff-top state park offers brilliant views of the Mississippi River valley all year round.

In the thick

Just past the picnic area are a series of short trails that lead to outlooks. It wasn’t really a hike, not this time. We weren’t there for that.  Instead, we were there because I wanted to be. It’s so easy to let the season fall to the wayside like leaves from the trees. Life can get away from you if you don’t take a moment to enjoy the simple things.

Solving a puzzle

A quiet walk through the woods is also a chance to collect your thoughts. Sometimes you solve a problem nipping at the back of your mind, keeping you from peace. As it happens Niecie found her solution, a lesson plan for her class the next day. On our walk, the last piece of her puzzle fell right in place.


This short little trip up the river is one neither of us will soon forget. Niecie may have taken some convincing, but I think she enjoyed herself too.

When was the last time you took a walk in the woods?