About Adventure Bent

The Adventure Bent blog was a blog about enjoying the outdoors, exploring the wilderness and having a good time doing it. It covered hiking, exploring, wheeling and the outdoor lifestyle in general. During its two year run, I posted stories about our adventures, updates on projects and reviews of products.

The blog was discontinued in March 2018 after I lost my job in a mass layoff. While I quickly found work, I no longer had the time to maintain the community I had built around and the decision was made to abandon this project.

About the author: Tobias Mann

My name is Tobias Mann. I’m the principle author of this blog. By day I’m a humble newspaper reporter working for two weekly papers in La Crosse County, Wisconsin. When I’m not in he middle of an interview or putting together the week’s paper, I’m exploring my backyard and planning adventures to far off places. Sometimes I even make it there.

I grew up in the back of a canoe, paddling the waters of the Red River Valley, and every summer I was tossed in the back of a little 4×4 to explore the old ox-cart trails that crisscross Northwest Minnesota. In the summers my family would explore the North Shore of Lake Superior and my father an avid photographer taught me to open my eyes to the beauty that is all around us.

I’m not an expert, but learning and writing are in my blood.

About the copy editor: Shanice McTeer

My Partner in crime in all of this is my girlfriend Shanice McTeer. Not only is she essential in making many of these adventures possible, but more importantly, she plays an essential role in running this blog.  She’s my copy editor. She makes sure I dot my I’s and cross my T’s.

About the graphics guy: Andrew Massat

Andrew Massat is our graphics aficionado. He does awesome graphics work to help the Adventure Bent blog stand out from the rest. A long time friend he designed my previous blog and logo for the Freed Up Thoughts blog. His portfolio can be found at andwerdone.me.

An after-hours project

This is an after-hours project. This means our full-time jobs come first and sometimes that means taking a break from pursuits like this. It also means we have a limited amount of time to spend on this project between our responsibilities at home and our 40+ hour work weeks.

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