Escaping the mundane, don't forget to get out there

Escaping the mundane, don't forget to get out there

It’s easy to get caught in a state of mundanity. You start by making excuses for why you can’t do something.

That’s exactly what I caught myself doing as Niecie asked me to take a walk with her at the wildlife refuge near Myrick Park today.

My first thought was “I don’t feel like it, my legs hurt from yesterday,” and they did hurt, but that wasn’t a good excuse not to spend time doing something we would both enjoy.

I pushed mundanity aside and a few minutes later we arrived at the park and unloaded her bicycle. She would ride along as I walked and took pictures.

It had been a while since I’d gotten my camera out for something like this and the click of my telephoto snapping into my camera body was just as satisfying as I remembered.

Within a minute of embarking on the marsh-side trail, we had already caught sight of several muskrats and a half-dozen painted turtles. Two were sunbathing along the berm atop which the trail ran.

I could tell why Niecie had been so excited to get me out here. It was beautiful in the glow of the late-afternoon sun.

As I wandered slowly along taking my time to frame each shot, Niecie made short loops around me.

Niecie rides along on her little red cruiser.

Moments like these are great opportunities to talk and as I walked and she peddled our conversation carried us along until the water-side path gave way to a dense woods.


We spent a lot of our time talking about our summer, our upcoming move (across town) among other things.

Here, we joined the main walking path. Keeping her bike steady became a little easier on the asphalt surface.

Here, my camera battery died just in time to miss a pelican taking flight over the marsh backwaters. I should have charged the batteries; rookie mistake. After tucking my camera away I pulled my iPhone from my pocket and launched the camera app.


Here along the trail, my camera battery died and I was forced to use my iPhone for the rest of our short walk. Still less mundane than staying home I suppose.

The photos wouldn’t be same, but at least there would be pictures.

Days like today are a constant reminder to embrace discomfort because more often the reward outweighs the risk.


So, lesson learned. Now, get out there and escape the mundane.

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