How do you drive off road?

How do you drive off road?

How do you drive off road? It’s a question many 4×4 owners ask themselves. There’s a lot of skill and experience that goes into successfully navigating a vehicle over treacherous terrain. Learning to drive off road takes time and practice. Sometimes that means making mistakes.

You won’t really know how to really handle a situation until you face it. Sometimes you’ll succeed and sometimes you’ll fail, hopefully in a way you can recover from.

No matter whether that situation is fording a river, or navigating a boulder field, knowing the best practices for your particular vehicle can help. There is no need to start from the drawing board.

Now, I could try to explain the proper way to drive in different conditions over various terrain based on the established best practices, but I’m not an expert, so I’m not going to. Instead, I’ll share a video from an actual expert Andrew St. Pierre White.

While White’s video on driving off road may be a little dated, most of these techniques still hold true today.

How to drive off road

In White’s film, “4×4 driving skills” he covers the gamut of driving conditions like thick mud, rocky trails, sand and salt pans. Each of these have to be tackled differently, and what kind of vehicle you are driving can play a part in the strategy you use.

Find more videos like this can one on White’s 4xoverland YouTube channel.

Share your thoughts on the video in the comments section below. How did you learn to drive off road? What kind of off-road vehicle do you drive?