5 great last-minute gifts for the adventurer in your life

5 great last-minute gifts for the adventurer in your life

The holidays are upon us and if you’re anything like me you’ve put off Christmas shopping until the last minute.

Thank god for Amazon Prime right? Well, for those of you who can take advantage of its free two-day delivery anyway. Sorry to everyone out there that’s missing out, you probably have something even better that we don’t have, like a functional government.

For those of you shopping for some last minute gifts for the adventurer in your life look no further.

We’ve had first had experience with every item on this list and right now all of them cost less than $100 and are eligible for Amazon Prime shipping. You can rest assured your gifts will arrive in time for the holidays.

1. Yi Action Camera – $80-100

gifts - Yi Action Cam

First on my list is a personal favorite. The Xiaoyi Yi Action camera is a dead simple and dirt cheap alternative to a pricey GoPro. Better yet, it only costs $80 right now.

Capable of recording full-HD, 1080p video at 60fps or 2K footage at 30fps this little camera is perfect for recording your adventures. I attach one to the front of my Jeep when we go off road.

So what’s the catch? How can a camera this cheap be this good? Unlike most GoPros, there is no display, just a couple of LEDs to tell you which mode your in. The camera must be controlled using a smartphone or tablet. Thankfully, the action camera’s app is not only well maintained but full of great features.

For another $20, you can get the camera’s waterproof enclosure which, in additional to added protection, makes it compatible with the vast majority of GoPro accessories.

You can read our full review of the Yi Action Camera here.

YI Action Camera (US Edition) White | $79.99 – Amazon

2. AeroPress Coffee Maker – $30

gifts - Aeropress

I love coffee, and the best home brewed cup has come from this little thing. The Aeropress is a compact espresso/coffee maker that functions a lot like a French press, only better.

The best part about the Aeropress it is super easy to clean up. After you’ve made your favorite brew, just twist off the cap and press out the coffee ground puck, filter and all.

I really like the AeroPress because it works so well for camping. I can have my coffee without making a big mess.

You can read our full review of the AeroPress coffee maker here.

AeroPress Coffee Maker | 29.95 – Amazon

3. Coleman Butane Stove – $17

Gifts - Coleman Camp stove

Camping over an open fire is the best in my opinion, but when that’s not possible because of a burn ban, I turn to my little blue Coleman camp stove.

This compact little stove runs on inexpensive butane canisters which are self-contained in the unit. No need to attach a separate propane tank, just flip a switch and the system is connected and lit.

We’ve used this stove on almost all of our adventures so far this year and it hasn’t failed us yet. I highly recommended it, just don’t forget the fuel.

Coleman Butane Camp Stove | $17  – Amazon

4. Stanley Thermos – $15-100

Gifts - Stanley mug

When I was 18, my mom and stepdad gave me a large Stanley Thermos for graduation. Almost five years later and I am still thanking them for a present that has never failed to keep my coffee hot hours after it was brewed.

I am sure there are other thermoses out there that can probably keep your coffee hot for seven or more hours, but I know Stanley’s will.

The great thing about Stanley Thermoses is they come in just about every shape and size you can imagine. You can find thermoses for everything from soup to beer.

Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug | $23.62 – Amazon

5. Polaroid Snap – $100

gifts - Polaroid SNAP camera

The Polaroid Snap may not be the best camera out there. In fact, your smartphone’s camera is probably better, but can your smartphone print out your photos for you?

This cute little camera goes back to Polaroids roots with a retro look and feel. Unlike Polaroids of old, the Snap is actually a five-megapixel digital camera with a built-in Zink printer.

When you take a picture with the Snap, a 3×2-inch photo is automatically printed out.

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera | $100 – Amazon


  • What did you think of the gifts on this list?
  • Did we miss a great gift?
  • What gifts did you get the adventurer in your life?