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Well that’s diff-erent, Is my LSD bad?

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Like when your limited slip differential mysteriously goes out without warning. This is what we discovered last week after it began making the characteristic clunk and chatter of an LSD on the way out. I had the Jeep up on jack stands swapping to swap out the old rear […]

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Forget the night life, New Orleans is about the food

Everyone comes to New Orleans for a different reason. Whether it’s the architecture, the rich history or the nightlife, I’d wager it’s the food that keeps people coming back year after year. Our exploration of The Big Easy’s rich culinary history began our first night in the city when Niecie led us to a little […]

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A wild welcome to New Orleans

It’s mating season at the New Orleans Audubon Zoo, as we and too many children so unfortunately discovered during our visit Monday, Aug. 14. A pair of particularly frisky baboons and hump happy otters either had parents shielded their children’s eyes or pointing and laughing. I felt sorry for all the parents who would inevitably […]

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Server Interruptions — Update

Over the last week, we have experienced serious problems with our web host Go Daddy. After several hours working to trim the fat on Adventure Bent blog and countless tests. We have determined the root cause of the problem was Go Daddy’s servers themselves. We apologize for any interruptions to service, disappearing posts or missing comments. We […]

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On the road to The Big Easy — Day one

We left this morning in a state of blurry-eyed excitement. Our trip today would take us 7.5 hours closer to our final destination New Orleans. We’ve been teasing this trip ever since Niecie decided on our vacation destination last fall and after months of planning, we’re finally underway. This trip, much like our trip Westward […]

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Why is Overlanding in the U.S. so expensive?

Over the last few months, I’ve been following an interesting trend in the U.S. overlanding communities. Heavily overbuilt rigs with tens of thousands of dollars of equipment strapped to them, and I can’t help but think how unnecessary all that is. I’m not saying that the heavy steel bumpers, big 35-inch tires and roof-top tents […]

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