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Stalking serpents in Perrot State Park

I shrieked “Sna-Aake!” my voice rising mid-cry as my brain processed what I was looking at; simultaneously, I made a comical two-step hop to the other side of the trail and safety. My sister Frannie, her husband, Dusty, and their two dogs, Nala and Sarabi, had been hiking with Niecie and me along the Riverview Trail […]

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Everything looks better in red even shocks

I’ll be the first to admit shock absorbers are not the most glamorous part on a Jeep, but this week that’s exactly what were talking about. A little while back I put a fresh coat of emergency-red spray paint on my shocks. Why red? Everything is more glamorous in red. Yes, even shock absorbers. I’d been […]

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Building stamina for the long walk

The week is over and my body is sore, cut and bruised. A thick callus covers my right heal, proof of every step of the 12 miles of trails I’d covered. To some, 12 miles may sound like a lot, to veteran hikers and backpackers it may sound like a drop in the bucket. For me, it’s simply progress. […]

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On rust patrol, going to war on the red rot

4x4s are designed to take a beating; for this reason, most are still made from steel. Steel skid plates protect vulnerable parts like your engine and fuel tanks from rocks and other hazards. The problem with steel is, if left unprotected, it rusts. When the bare metal is exposed to the elements, that gritty-red rot we call […]

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Changes on the way

You may have noticed some changes around the Adventure Bent website lately. The blog is currently undergoing some renovations. Let’s call it spring cleaning if you will. Out with the old and in with the new. Along the way, you may experience some glitches and bugs. Sometimes changes can take some tweaking to get right. […]

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Lets talk about tools, the bush mechanic’s essentials

Breakdowns happen, and no amount of the preventative maintenance can completely rule them out. Broken axles, snapped wheel studs or bent tie rods can quickly stop you in your tracks. The right tools, a few spares and a little luck can shift the odds of getting back on the road in your favor. Until recently, I’ve […]

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Hiking White Tank Mountain

Back in January, Niecie’s family flew us down to Pheonix to see her grandparents. They’d recently retired and purchased a winter home in the community near Surprise on the west end of Pheonix. While there, Niecie and I snuck away to enjoy a short hike at the White Tank Mountain Regional Park. It was a […]

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Four weeks with the Cherokee KL my first impressions

The Jeep Cherokee KL is one of the most polarizing, angry alligator looking mean mugging SUVs on the market today. And, surprisingly, it’s also among the most capable in its class. I was pretty excited to get behind the wheel of the controversial little Jeep. When the KL first hit the market in late 2013, […]

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