Dreams of adventure our plans for 2017

Dreams of adventure our plans for 2017

As winter sets in, I have plenty of time to make plans for next years adventures. Better plans mean better adventures, less time spent searching for a campsite at midnight, and a happier traveling companion.

From where I live on the Wisconsin-Minnesota border, along the Mississippi River, winter is no joke. Travel on “good” roads is treacherous enough that I’ll be taking a break from my off-road aspirations.

Well, at least until I have the right recovery gear, namely a winch, traction mats, a HiLift jack and snow chains. Until have the gear safe winter travel along the back, I won’t be heading off on any snowy adventures.

The cold winter weather won’t stop me from hiking and snow-shoeing. Once the white stuff blankets the world, I’ll be read for more fun winter adventures. I just hope I can convince Niecie to come a long. Maybe if I promise hot coco at the end of the trail?

Overland travel: The TWAT

In the mean time, I’ll be planning a few weekend adventures in preparation for spring. One of the first will be a solo overland journey along the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail.

Overlanding has become something of a fascination for me over the last few months. According to Wikipedia, “Overlanding is self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal.”

I plan to make my first official foray into overland travel, with the nearest overland route, the TWAT.

The TWAT is actually a dual sport and motor bike trail, on which large 4x4s like Jeeps and Trucks aren’t allowed. Instead, the overland route follows the TWAT as closely as possible on nearby dirt and gravel roads. Many of these are minimum maintenance roads.

From what I’ve read on the forums. The isn’t very difficult and offer beautiful scenery and plenty of camping opportunities.

During the next few months, I’ll be planning a four or five-day trip north along the TWAT.

I’ve already downloaded an overland route from Lone Wolf Expeditions which details the route. I’ve imported the GPS file available at his site in to Google My Maps. This is the route file I will be using to update my plans.

I’ll be adding way points for state parks, secluded campgrounds and other attractions I may want to explore along the way.

Eventually, I plan on making an overland journey across Minnesota from the shores of Lake Superior to the Dakota board, along a new 4×4 route currently in development. Once complete it will connect many small towns all across my home state of Minnesota, on trails only accessible by a four-wheel drive vehicle. Unfortunately, with hundreds of miles of trail to cut, this route is unlikely to open for a few years.

Next stop New Orleans


Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo Credit: Chris Litherland – Wikimedia

Niecie and I will be taking another vacation in 2017, but this time things are going to be a little different. This year our destination is New Orleans, Louisiana.

Unlike our trip west, this won’t be a road trip and we’ll probably be staying in hotels and cabins for most of our stay. I might be able to talk Niecie into a hike or two if I’m lucky. A boat tour of a bayou, given enough bug spray, could be exciting.

After a lot of discussion, Niecie and I agreed that we’ll each take turns picking the vacation destination each year.

That means in 2018, I’ll get to pick the destination and the means of travel. I don’t have my mind-set on anything specific yet, but a parks tour West might be fun, maybe via an overland route over two weeks? Who knows. I’ve got a whole year to plan that expedition.

What are your plans for next year? It can’t hurt to start early. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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