Introducing Project Wrangler

Introducing Project Wrangler

The thing about owning a Jeep — Specifically a Wrangler — is once you start working on one you never really finish.

I wish I’d known that before I purchased mine earlier this year. Honestly it wouldn’t have stopped me. I was hell bent on owning a Wrangler.

It’s not that it’s always breaking down, it isn’t a Land Rover after all. Just kidding you Land Rover folks. It turns out that Jeeps are only slightly more reliable than Land Rovers. If I had to guess that’s only because more Jeeps go off road than Range Rovers.

A vehicle like this is kind of a blank slate. You can customize and personalize it to match your tastes, your need and your lifestyle.

This series of posts will catalogue the various changes I make to modify my vehicle.

Here lies my biggest dilemma. On the road, I see a lot of Jeeps out there that are kitted out with 35-inch-plus tires and four-inch lift kits.  For some people that’s what they need to feel confident going out in to the bush. Others like myself take a more modest approach. There’s no right and wrong. If it works for you that’s all that matters.

Personally I don’t need a overly built vehicle. I need something that will get me to and from work even in the worst weather conditions. I also want something that can get me from point A to point B where ever that may be.

My goal is to build a vehicle capable of taking me wherever I want without making too many compromises to it’s drivability.

I love the freedom of driving off the beaten path. That kind of independence inspiring confidence is why I bought this vehicle in the first place.

Off-road lights and light bars sure look cool, and I could argue their practicality all day, but the fact of the matter, offroading is a hobby and unfortunately for me one that I don’t get to indulge in very often.

I plan to revisit Moab early next year. Until then I’ll have to make due with the bevy of ill-maintained forest roads that dot southern Minnesota. Unfortunately for me, there aren’t many off-road trails or parks in my neck of the woods.

Most of the trails in my area are limited to ATV and Motorcycle traffic.

The point is I don’t get to go wheeling much and when I do I have to plan for it. So why go nuts?

Project Wranger will serve as an update log as I make changes to the Jeep, both big and little. I’ll link to where I got the parts and why I chose that one in particular.

Stay tuned for next weeks Project Wrangler update, I’m sure it’ll be enlightening.