On the road to The Big Easy — Day one

On the road to The Big Easy — Day one

We left this morning in a state of blurry-eyed excitement. Our trip today would take us 7.5 hours closer to our final destination New Orleans.

We’ve been teasing this trip ever since Niecie decided on our vacation destination last fall and after months of planning, we’re finally underway.

This trip, much like our trip Westward last year will be an adventure there and adventure back punctuated by a food and fun-filled stay near The Big Easy’s French Quarter in between.

Whether or not the weather will cooperate is yet to be determined. Rain or shine we’re going. For now, the sun is shining and we’re cruising down Hwy. 35 in Niecie’s little red Jeep.

On the road to the big easy

The first leg of our trip took us 422 miles south to a little campground just outside St. Louis Missouri.

Our destination a small campsite outside St. Louis Missouri. There, we’ll enjoy a warm meal by the fire and with any luck a restful nights sleep.

A new set of sleeping pads should help with that. It’s a good thing we remembered to pick them up before we took off this morning.

Maybe we’ll have to work in a mini review of the Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pads along the way.

Back into the unknown

In a very real way, we are once again venturing into the unknown. Neither of us has come this way before. Louisiana will be an entirely new experience for us when we arrive there Monday.

For now, I’m still preparing myself mentally for the onslaught of miles through windswept plains and on deserted interstate highways only to pitch our tent in the shine of the little Jeep’s headlights. Hopefully, this won’t be the case, but it wouldn’t be our first time we’ve pitched a tent in the dark. It’s not any fun.

If things go to plan we should have plenty to see and do on our way down to The Big Easy. I can smell those po’ boys now.

More to come

Check back tomorrow for day two of our adventure on the road to The Big Easy.

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