Tag: Repair

The Wrangler is back with a new heart

Project Wrangler is back, complete with a new factory-built engine banging away quietly under the hood. My Jeep has a new heart. After almost three weeks of extensive engine repairs, Fiat Chrysler had finally authorized the new engine. Within days of receiving authorization, I had my Jeep back. No more ticking, tocking or knocking, just […]

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Is the Wrangler dead? Repairs threaten project’s future

No, the Wrangler isn’t dead, at least not yet, but Project Wrangler is on hold. It’ll stay in a state of suspended animation until I get my Jeep back from the dealer. The last two weeks it has undergone extensive engine repairs, thankfully all under warranty. The dealership has been great so far, but it’s a slow process […]

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The dreaded Pentastar tick makes a ruthless return

In late February 2017, I parked my Jeep at the dealer’s lot for the second time in three months. The tick, tick, tick of my Wrangler’s ill-fated Pentastar was back and louder than ever. Earlier in the week, I’d felt the engine shudder and heard the faint but familiar ticking fill the cabin. The dreaded […]

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