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For the love of conifers

“I love pine trees!” Niecie squeed in excitement on coming upon a dense thicket of evergreens during a hike in the Hickson Forest last Sunday. Niecie hugging the broad trunk of a tree in excitement, a broad smile creeping across her face. The dense line of coniferous trees painted a swath of green across the monochrome […]

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Stalking serpents in Perrot State Park

I shrieked “Sna-Aake!” my voice rising mid-cry as my brain processed what I was looking at; simultaneously, I made a comical two-step hop to the other side of the trail and safety. My sister Frannie, her husband, Dusty, and their two dogs, Nala and Sarabi, had been hiking with Niecie and me along the Riverview Trail […]

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Changes on the way

You may have noticed some changes around the Adventure Bent website lately. The blog is currently undergoing some renovations. Let’s call it spring cleaning if you will. Out with the old and in with the new. Along the way, you may experience some glitches and bugs. Sometimes changes can take some tweaking to get right. […]

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