This site is no longer maintained

Aug 16, 2020

Welcome to the Adventure Bent Archive.

Adventure Bent was a blog about enjoying the outdoors, exploring the wilderness and having a good time doing it. It covered hiking, exploring, wheeling and the outdoor lifestyle in general. During its two year run, I posted stories about our adventures, updates on projects and reviews of products.

The blog was discontinued in March 2018 after I lost my job in a mass layoff. While I quickly found work, I no longer had the time to maintain the site and the decision was made to abandon this project.

Today, the blog is kept alive as as an archive.

In 2019, I launched Rambling Polymath, a blog for writers, photographers and adventure seekers. Check out my latest posts at the link below.

Rambling Polymath

Tobias Mann

Hi, I'm Tobias. Thanks for checking out Adventure Bent. This project is no longer maintained, but I'm still writing. You can check out my latest adventures at

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